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Information & Communications Technology support for Multi-Location Businesses headquartered in Los Angeles

We manage your cloud vendors

Scope of Work Design & Documentation

Successfully migrating multi-location businesses to a converged voice & data wide area network (WAN) requires an in-house project manager familiar with carrier & managed service provider practices who can write a scope of work (SOW) that ensures everything works after the cut, keeps working in a constantly changing environment and consistently maintains a constantly changing inventory of circuits, services and equipment.  

Aggressive "No Excuses" Vendor Managment

When your information technology migration scope of work (SOW) is written to defend your interests first and your cloud managed service vendors second, you have a written tool that you can include in your vendor contracts that will eliminate vendor excuses and enhance your remote site support.

Capture All Migration Savings

Cloud and managed services vendors often dangle great technology migration savings in order to get a contract signed & then take back your savings with "after signature" project add-ons that were "missed" during the pre-sales excitement. We ensure all promised savings are realized savings for you by ensuring vendors deliver promised benefits within the initial agreement terms.

Why outsource remote site support?

Remote Site Cutovers Require Multi-Vendor Control

Managing the expectations of remote employees, managed service vendors and your applications providers is as easy as herding cats chasing chickens without experienced multi-vendor control. Our multi-vendor remote site cutover checklists ensure all sites are efficiently and consistently converted with minimum process disruption.  

Remote Employee Support

Remote employees working in distant or home offices need to have their voice and data network connections managed by a helpdesk vendor that values the importance of their time.

Your Management Team Extended

Our staff becomes an extension of your staff. We can attend your management meetings as well as organize, host and moderate meetings for your employees, contractors and vendors.  

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